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mindful compositions

Zvezdana prepared the original composition Velvetspace for the ensemble Cello attacca!, which works under the direction of Karmen Pečar – Koritnik, which consists of intermediate meditative moments alongside the music, which take you deeper into experiencing the music... and yourself. With the help of perceptive presence and breath, conscious listening is sharpened. What follows is a perceptive musical experience of states from which we would often like to escape (breath, concentration, fear, anxiety, loneliness...), but it is through them that the path leads to genuine joy, to an inner space, calm confidence, where wild strawberries grow....


Zvezdana Novaković ZveN - author of the project, composition, vocals


Tina Košir- text co-author


​Cello attacca!! Artistic leader: Karmen Pečar Koritnik


Lovro Drofenik, Vida Furlan, Petra Hafner, Ema Krečič, Jovana Krmpot, Barbara Nagode, Lenart Prek, Gabrijel Rakar, Leonard Razboršek, Gaja Tadić in Neža Verstovšek.


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