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Slovenian spells and chants dedicated to Nature

ALBUM RELEASE CONCERT  with happen on 6th of Januarty  at 19.00 - Linhartova dvorana, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


In less than a century, man has contributed to the mass extinction of living things and pushed the Earth to the brink of ecological catastrophe. We live on earth, but it’s as if we don’t hear it! Our ancestors wisely participated in a circle of life, connecting with Nature's cycles and creatures through song and ritual. 


In the performance "Čaralice", you will hear ritual songs dedicated to Nature, ancient magic chants and spells that our ancestors treated various physical and mental illnesses with. Especially for the project, the author found musical lyrics and original melodies of praising the sun, calling for the bees, calling the rain. She was searching for the material in a collection of old records from Slovenia and neighboring Balkan nations. She composed it in a modern vocal sound image. Zvezdana also wrote some new compositions using ancient spells from Slovenia.


The “Čaralice” project is a homage to all the Slovenian pagan believers who respected and lived with Nature. These songs reflect a world in which Humanity was merely a humble part of the Universe, expressing its responsibility for existence through thoughts, words, and actions. 



Zvezdana Novaković ZveN - author of the project, compositions, vocal

vocal group:

Petra Prosen, Maja Zagmajster, Neža Janša, Sonca Menart, Zarja Menart, Kaja Horvat, Eva Mulej

Neža Bojović

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