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Vellamo & Faronika


Faronika, a big monster fish living in the Adriatic Sea, is threatening to destroy the world with a single stroke of its tail. “Don’t do it! Think about the children and the pregnant women,” begs Vellamo, the Finnish goddess of water. And in the end, Vellamo saves the world with her strong Karelian spells.


The duo Vellamo & Faronika presents epic songs from the Slovenian and Karelian-Finnish areas. Their musical narrative connects and brings out ancient symbols that can be found both in Slavic and in Karelian mythology and folk songs.



MASTERED by desire impulsive,

By a mighty inward urging,

I am ready now for singing,

Ready to begin the chanting

Of our nation’s ancient folk-song

Handed down from by-gone ages.

In my mouth the words are melting,

From my lips the tones are gliding,

From my tongue they wish to hasten;

When my willing teeth are parted,

When my ready mouth is opened,

Songs of ancient wit and wisdom

Hasten from me not unwilling.


Zvezdana Novaković (SVN) – vocals, harp

Emmi Kujanpää (FIN) – vocals, kantele



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