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Svetlana Makarovič is a Slovenian poet, who never wanted to be part of the crowd stoning others and has always believed illusions and lies must be uncovered. The poet, who will not agree to a world lies, deceit and indifference to what happens to others, presents selected poems from her 1998 poetry book Bo žrl, bo žrt together with the young vocalist and harpist Zvezdana Novaković.


The recital Lovec na ljudi (Manhunter) sees Svetlana Makarovič’s poetry exchanging with the harp and voice of Zvezdana Novaković drawing from ancient Slavic tunes, the mystic, the earthly, the genuine, the nostalgic, the cruel and the beautiful. Zvezdana Novaković sings along the harp using the Bulgarian throat technique, enriched by vocal ornaments from different regions and other musical specifics, like vibrato, cries and the glissando typical for the Rodopi region.


Experience a fusion of two primordial sounds – the voice and the sound of archaic strings. The harp, such a simple diatonic instrument, offers countless complex ways of expression and a plethora of sound colors and dynamic ranges. The harp can be used for accompaniment, as a solo instrument, for impressionist coloring, onomatopoeia or even as a percussion instrument.


“You’re not human. You’re a hallucination!” Svetlana was overwhelmed at once upon meeting Zvezdana.


And at that instant, their project was born.



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