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Journey of Chanting

In 2009, Zvezdana organized a cultural crossover project between Indian and western music. She invited her Carnatic vocal teacher Snigdha Venkataramani and Slovenian composer and guitarist Igor Bezget to compose music for her project The Journey of Chanting. The premiere of the project was in Pundichey, India in 2009.

Music is a language that transcends barriers of geography, culture, regions and religion. It is an expression of unity in diversity, wherein people from different cultures, customs and traditions can come together to express a common message. The Indian and European traditions of music display spirituality in different expressions. The Journey of Chanting is a project where two different traditions of music blend together to bring to a spiritual communion. It provides cultural exchanges between the European and Indian classical traditions of music.

The Journey of Chanting is a multi-cultural project. The people this project brought together all come from multicultural backgrounds. This project is an attempt to mark the continuity of music by displaying unity in diversity, thereby conveying the messages of spirituality.


Band members:

Igor Bezget (SVN) – guitar, compositions

Zvezdana Novaković (SVN) – vocals

Snigda Venkataramani (IND) – carnatic vocals

Shridar Raghunathan (IND) – carnatic violin

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