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You are about to undergo an ambient-based type of research for a limited number of participants and with unlimited musical boldness. The researchers are guided by the principles of simplicity, primal instinct, madness and popular avant-gardism. Minimum participation conditions for the experiment are the following: a good psycho-musical shape, excellent concentration skills, the ability to distinguish between grey and white, and the ability to stare steeply upwards without losing balance.

The experiment will take place in a diagnostic setting, where you will sit, stand or move around, depending on the requirements of the various stages of the examination process. You will be notified of everything else by the expert staff on site. No special training required beforehand. However, Dr. Novaković strongly advises you to thoroughly clean your eyes on the day preceding the experiment: listening to the car radio or classical music concerts is strongly prohibited; avoid particularly any encounter with opera music between Classicism and early Romanticism, as well as the Titanic theme song. If you have already attended a similar type of examination before, we kindly ask you to bring along your opinions, criticisms, compliments and, above all, open eyes, ears and hearts. If this is your first time attending this sort examination, we would like to reassure you that there is no need to be afraid: you should simply come in a relaxed mood and have faith in the good taste, professionalism and excellence of the performers. Please come on time or slightly earlier than scheduled, take off your earrings and wait for the start.


Author: Zvezdana Novaković

Director: Nika Bezeljak

Composers: Zvezdana Novaković, Izidor Leitinger

Performers: Zvezdana Novaković, Miha Bezeljak, Matija Stipanić, Anush Apoyan, Howard Curtis, Matic Črešnik

Adviser for movement: Nina Pertot

Costume design: Belinda Radulović

Video: Matej Modrinjak

Designer and adviser: Sanja Budisavljević

Web application: Patricija Valentinuzzi, Miha Rebernik

Production: Zavod za Vizualno kulturo Agregat

In cooperation with: Stage Song Review, Lutkovno gledališče Maribor


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