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Zvezdana Novaković introduces herself under the name ZveN, who we basically know as a musician, singer, harpist, performer.

Lately, she has also been intensely involved with clay, as she is attracted by its softness, fragility and play of direct touch, which expresses a state of mind and balance.


ZveN ceramics .... briefly magical and with character .... observes nature, and draws structures, colors and shapes from it. Great inspiration are birds and other animals sitting on a cup or plate. Ceramics ZveN tells a story and addresses you with small inscriptions and quotes, or even with its charming forms, which you just can't get your hands on. Karemika is made both on the spindle and in the hands-free technique, and each piece has its own character and is not similar to the other. Zvezdana says that when she creates, she never knows where it will take her, because ceramics itself speaks for itself.

What does it make? From useful (interactive) ceramics, cups, plates and dishes, all the way to decorative vases, statues and mobile products, and let's not forget the Sound Ceramic Instruments ...

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