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Zvezdana Novaković is a singer and harpist from Northern East of Slovenia. While combining a traditional folk, jazz, classical, electronic music and performing arts she creates unique ways of expression. 


Her voice and musical artistry are influenced by a tradition of Slavic and Balkan cultures. The open voice throat technique is a blend of her own sound combined with improvisation and the right intensity of a moment. By singing folk songs of Serbian and Slovenian grandmother she wants to remind about tradition of ancestors.


 Studying Bulgarian folk singing in Plovdiv (BG), she also learned songs from many respected folk singers from Bulgaria, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia.


The award-winning artist (Grand Prix on PPA / PL; 1st Prize Zeman Worldmusic Fest / SRB; 2nd Prize Karnobat / BG) has toured the USA, Brazil, Canada, China and Europe. Intensely working with different National Theatres as a performer/actor, she also writes music for theatre.  

"As soon as you're on stage, it's already a show, it's not just a musical concert. Every moment of your presence is important. In doing so, I draw from all other interests in life, from nature, philosophy, meditation, good restaurants, human communication, crazy modulation. .. " says Zvezdana.

"She says that everything falls beautifully from the sky, but we do not believe her completely, because almost all the anecdotes that make up her life testify to effort, search and pursuit. If anything, one could say that he excels at the art of searching and accepting, as opposed to waiting for the beautiful to come of its own accord, a rather rare and unique skill. (Mladina, Katja Perat)


»You are not a human being! You are hallucination!« (Svetlana Makarovič)


»Hopefully I'll never stop searching!« 

Photo: Ksenija Mikor
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