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Eno balado, prosim!

Urška Centa, dance, vocals, clapping
Zvezdana Novaković, vocals, harp, electronics

Blending music, dance and storytelling, Eno balado, prosim! (A Ballad, Please!) intertwines the traditions of Slavic cultures and flamenco.

Stories interspersed with ballads bring together vocalist, harpist and versatile artist Zvezdana Novaković and Urška Centa, flamenco dancer and performing artist. The deeply expressive duo’s engrossing and skin-rippling repertoire of songs, musical settings of conversations, rhythms and melodies is imbued with Slavic character, Balkan culture and flamenco. Sound morphs into movement and gives birth to soulful, irrepressible dance that hits every member of the audience right in the viscera.

Zvezdana Novaković is a Slovenian artists exploring the outer edges of her musical and performative expression. Searching for the resonant voices of the open throat technique, Zvezdana has delved into Slavic and Balkan folk song traditions. She has worked with authentic singers from Bulgaria, Belarus, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Croatia and Slovenia.
Basing her work on flamenco, versatile Slovenian dancer Urška Centa informs it with different cultural idioms, both contemporary dance and music styles and folk traditions. In exploring sound and movement, Urška creates space for the establishment of flamenco as a free and utterly personal vehicle of expression.

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