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Divja voda / Dŵr gwyllt

In cosmogonic myths, water is the primordial matter, the substance for the formation of the new world. Through old stories around the world, it reveals itself to us as a space of magic, transformation, unfulfilled longing and wisdom, but also as a dangerous world inhabited by wild and attractive creatures. They are met by heroes who dare to step out of the known world.


Welsh narrator with an extensive repertoire from the Celtic tradition Michael Harvey and Zvezdana Novaković, an excellent vocalist and connoisseur of the Balkan singing tradition, set out as creators on a journey into unknown water depths: looking for stories that connect their lands and a way to tell them together. As a storytelling-music tandem, they ask us an important question: Can we (can) tell the same stories? The event will be held in English, Welsh and Slovenian. Simultaneous translation is provided.

Premiere performance at the Ljubljana Storytelling Festival, Štihova hall at Cankarjev dom

Production: Ljubljana Storytelling Festival

Producer: Špela Frlic

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